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Invoices to Binogi AB

Formerly known as "Komplementskolan Sverige AB"

Please note that we only accept invoices in general PDF-format. One invoice per pdf and all supporting documents should be scanned in the same file.

We require 30 days payment terms on all invoices.

The invoice must be made out to:

Binogi AB BOX 7527 103 92 Stockholm Stockholms län Sweden

E-mail the invoice to invoice@binogi.com

Our Swedish corporate registration number is 556852-7823 and out VAT no is SE556852782301 One of the above numbers must be present on the invoice.

One email can consist of multiple pdf’s / invoices.

All invoices MUST contain:

  • Reference number (3 or 6 numerals). Ask your contact person for this number.
  • Reference person at Komplementskolan (First- and last name)
  • Your Swedish Organisationsnummer, European VAT ID, or if sent from outside the EU, an international incorporation number.
  • Banking info:
    • BG/PG for Swedish suppliers
    • BIC, IBAN/Account number & bank address for international suppliers
  • A sum, currency, and text describing the goods/services purchased
  • FLUX Users: Please include ID#s found in your Earnings tab for all items on invoice. See below: https://www.binogi.com/assets/content/invoice_flux_example.png

Please do not send your invoices to several e-mail addresses.