Where are you learning from?

Created from the central content of the curriculum

Binogi is a plattform with animated educational videos and quizzes created from the central content of the curriculum

Binogi consists of more than 1400 short, animated multilingual educational videos that students can watch either on their own or during class. Our videos are derived from each subject’s core concepts and contain the relevant concepts according to the curriculum.

Quizzes to test understanding of concepts

Each video has an associated quiz with three different difficulty levels, where students can test their understanding of the material. Students can also use the quizzes to prepare for exams and teachers can digitally hand out lesson videos and/or quizzes as assignments and continuously track students' learning.

Benefits of Binogi

Gives all students access to a fun and easily accessible learning tool

Binogi improves learning conditions for all students regardless of their background

Binogi provides support for all students regardless of learning ability

Binogi provides material for a multilingual classroom for increased inclusion

Binogi makes it easier for teachers to individualize teaching